The Carol Burnett Show

SN 4 | EP 9 | The Best of The Carol Burnett Show: Vol. 4, Episode 9

Frequent guest star Steve Lawrence has plenty of opportunities to showcase his talents. He performs Every Time I Sing a Love Song, then attempts to teach a tone-challenged Dick Van Dyke how to hit the right notes. In a skit about TV stars holding out for bigger contracts, Steve walks off a hit show and prepares for his new day job. Fran Sansisco, inspired by the 1936 movie San Francisco, finds Steve playing a wealthy Nob Hill music dilettante desperate to win over Fran (Carol). Alas, Fran's smitten with saloon owner Whitey Morton (Dick), who socks people he likes. Carol's confusion rivals the angst she feels in another routine when meeting with Danny Draft, Private Detective (Tim Conway). Someone's trying to kill her. Danny is really good at killing off beers, with a closet full of empties to prove it.

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The Carol Burnett Show