Barney's Barrier Reef

SN 1 | EP 20 | Reef Games

Barney Harwood and Gemma Hunt explore the world of Australia's Barrier Reef. The sea is full of sporting talent - there are sprinters, jumpers, even some gymnasts in this ocean arena. But which of our fit fishy friends will fall at the first hurdle and which will win the gold medal? The games begin with nail-biting action as the baby turtle team, the long-legged octopus and the nifty soldier crabs go head to head in the 100-metre sprint. The competition is strong with talented competitors coming from all corners of the reef. This is the ultimate challenge of speed, endurance, style, strength and precision - skills perfected by our ocean contestants in their struggle for survival. On your marks, get set - swim! It is time for our reef games to begin on Barney's Barrier Reef.

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Barney's Barrier Reef
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Season 1