RT Recap

SN 3 | EP 13 | Sock Puppets

Everyone in this week's recap is looking a little bit different. I wonder what it is... Check out Funimation! -http://bit.ly/1drsdd1 THE PATCH #45 - http://bit.ly/1dUjKd7 RT PODCAST: #264 - http://bit.ly/1pdBkzF RTAA #139: Speeding and Dreaming - http://bit.ly/1mx6vY1 RT Life: Rebel The Dog and Chris's Eyes Burn Off- http://bit.ly/1jp4QAL AH Haywood Airlines Shirt - http://bit.ly/1g4V3KX AHWU Week #206 - http://bit.ly/QkHmCR Let's Play GTA V: Heist - http://bit.ly/1jT0rVg Achievement Hunter Presents: GO! #22 - http://bit.ly/1eWbahH Let's Build: Team Nice Dynamite's Secret Room Pt 2 - http://bit.ly/1dwSIh6 Things to do in GTA V: Glug Glug Slam - http://bit.ly/1gv8MiY Achievement HUNT #22: Ray vs. Michael - http://bit.ly/1hz2YRL Rage Quit: Nitronic Rush - http://bit.ly/1hE3duE VS Episode 56: Michael vs. Ray - http://bit.ly/1iEL2IF Fails of the Weak #184 - http://bit.ly/1h3O2tV How to: Magicka with Joel and Adam - http://bit.ly/P7MpW5 The Slow Mo Guys: Mouse Trap Chain Reaction - http://bit.ly/O5wAye Sponsor Cut: Quick Draw with Patrick! Featuring Barbara - http://bit.ly/1h3FKlI Quick Draw Prints - http://bit.ly/1dB0ztV Sponsor Cut: AH Game Night Live - http://bit.ly/1iPUPfh

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RT Recap