Turbo Dogs

SN 2 | EP 12 | Canine Camera/Turbo Toothache

The Turbo Dogs are excited about the Racerville Fun Photo Contest, and Stinkbert gleefully announces that he will enter a snapshot of Clutch inadvertently wearing a cat costume into the contest. Clutch is mortified, and secretly tries to steal the print before Stinkbert posts it. When Stinkbert notices Clutch acting strangely, Clutch confesses that the photo embarrasses him. Together, Stinkbert and Clutch retrieve the print, and Stinkbert takes a fantastic action shot of Clutch in the process. GT has a terrible toothache, but refuses to go to a dentist because he is frightened. The other Turbo Dogs suggest ways to help ease the pain, and try to convince him to go see the dentist. Dash declares, "The only way to get over a fear is to face it – head-on!" But GT is still reluctant to see a dentist, and goes for a drive, where he happens upon Dr Denny whose jalopy has broken down at the side of the road. GT assists Dr Denny, with the jalopy – AND with Dr Denny's fear of driving fast, by taking him to the racetrack and coaching him. GT realises that he too, must face his fear head on – and serendipitously Dr Denny is a dentist dog.

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Turbo Dogs