The Busy World of Richard Scarry

SN 3 | EP 13 | Message in a Bottle / Santa Needs Help / There Really Is an Easter Bunny

While playing pirates, Huckle, Lowly, Billy, and Hilda discover a message in a bottle. There's someone out there who's shipwrecked. They tell Mother and Father cat about it, but they think it's just part of the pirate game, so the kids head to Wolf Point Island on their own. Sure enough there's a sailor out there, but when the kids arrive, they are shipwrecked too. So it's a good thing they left a message in a bottle of their own for Mother and Father Cat to find and they come to the rescue. / Hilda's written her own story for storytime, about one very snowy Christmas eve when Santa needed help. A young girl, Big Hilda, plans a very special Christmas ski party the next day, but when Santa breaks the runners on his sleigh, Big Hilda donates her skis. The next morning she realizes she can't go to her own party... and then she checks her stocking. That Santa is a very clever fellow indeed. / The annual Easter Egg Hunt is fast approaching and all the kids are excited, except for Billy, Huckle, and Lowly. They think they're just too old for Easter Egg hunts. Sally, Bridget, and Robbie realize it's because they don't believe in the Easter bunny anymore, so they try to trick the big kids into believing once again. The little kids' plan fails... but then... they all can't believe their eyes as the real Easter bunny hops off into the woods.

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The Busy World of Richard Scarry