Johnny Bravo

SN 1 | EP 6 | Hip Hop Flop / Talk to Me Baby / Blanky Hanky Panky

"Hip Hop Flop!". A Hip Hop girl catches Johnny's eye, but the only way she'll look back is if Johnny gets all funky fresh. When the rap group "The Round Pound" comes to Aron City, Johnny gets a crash course on Hip Hop culture from the 300 pound rappers. / "Talk to Me Baby". Johnny sees talk show host Vendela on television and decides that he's the guy for her. Unfortunately for Johnny, Vendela and her guests have a little something to say about that. / "Blanky Hanky Panky" A man who thinks he's a cat has stolen all the yarn in Aron City except for one shred…Johnny Bravo's precious baby blanket.

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Johnny Bravo