Peppa Pig

SN 1 | EP 3 | The Zoo / George's Racing Car / Soft Play / Digger World

Madame Gazelle takes the children on a trip to the Zoo where they meet the zookeepers; Mr. Lion, Mrs. Crocodile and Mr. Giraffe. They all go for a tour of the zoo which includes a trip to the penguin enclosure and the butterfly house! / Peppa, George and Grandpa Pig are sitting inside watching motor racing on the television, Granny Pig tells them all to go out and enjoy the sunshine. Inspired by the racing, Grandpa Pig builds George his own racing car. / It's Richard Rabbit's birthday party and George is invited, and that can only mean one thing; Soft Play! George and friends have great fun, swinging, bouncing and climbing, but it isn't quite as much fun for the grown-ups! / Mummy and Daddy Pig take Peppa and George to Digger World where they build walls and knock them over again. They even get a chance to help out Mr. Bull when there's an obstacle in the road.

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Peppa Pig