The Little Couple

SN 10 | EP 5 | Surprise!

Jen's birthday is fast approaching, so Bill recruits the kids to help plan Jen's surprise birthday party. They all decide on painting some pottery to put flowering plants in, as well as making birthday cards for her in her favorite colors. At the hospital, Jen attends an ultrasound and care team meeting for a pregnant patient who is expecting a chile with a cleft lip. After work, she and Bill take time out to work with the kids on bike riding. Will just needs a little help getting started and then he's off! But Zoey still has some work to do. Bill takes the kids to a pottery studio where they paint their pots in Jen's favorite colors. Nex, it's on to a nursery where they look for flowers to fill their newly-painted flowerpots. While there, Zoey befriends a rooster and has quite a conversation with him. Later, they all make handmade birthday cards for Jen. Meanwhile, Jen's parents and Aunt Barbara have a surprise of their own. After taking her out for a birthday lunch they take Jen to visit her childhood home. They see where Jen's crib was located when she was a baby, and Judy and Dave reminisce about bringing Jen home from the hospital. When Jen and her parents return to the house, Bill and the kids surprise her with their homemade gifts and a birthday cake.

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The Little Couple