SN 3 | EP 10 | No Good Deed

On October 19, 2009, in West Frankfort, Illinois, Police Chief Jeff Tharp arrives at a home to perform a routine wellness check on a woman who hasn't shown up for work. As soon as he arrives, however, he can tell this is anything but routine. There's blood on the door and when he tries to gain entry, something blocks his way. Turns out, it's the lifeless body of a woman; a second victim isn't far away. Ten years later, he still can't get the image of that crime scene out of his mind. All Cindy Marlow can remember about October 19, 2009 is the way she clutched her purse as she looked at police tape roping off the home of her daughter, Kandis Majors. Less than 24 hours ago, she was talking to her daughter. Now, Kandis - along with her partner Terri Siebeck - are gone forever. Nearly 1,000 miles away, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Shauna Schallert is watching the news when her world comes crashing down. On the screen is a photo of her beloved, sweet, gentle brother. Police are saying he's wanted in connection with a double homicide in Illinois. This is Shauna's darkest moment. It's the moment her life will never be the same.

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