SN 3 | EP 5 | One Wrong Turn

In 2005, in Williston, Florida, doting grandmother Phyllis McCallum interrupts the shooting murder of her grandson, 19-year-old Jacob Langworthy. It's an event from which she never recovers. Immediately after the shooting, the investigation launches and Officer Scott Tummond tracks down the vehicle spotted near the scene. It leads him to high school basketball star Michael Hill - a teen with a spotless record. Michael denies any involvement in the shooting and his mother Debra Teerlink believes him. Hill cooperates with police to bring the shooter - Berny Serrano - to justice. But there's one problem - Michael Hill and three other teenagers know more than they are letting on. Soon, cops discover, exactly what that is - and the truth causes the crime to be looked at in a new light.

Available: Investigation Discovery GO