When All Inclusive Holidays… Go Horribly Wrong

SN 1 | EP 4 | When All Inclusive Holidays Go Horribly Wrong

Brits spend over 45 Billion pounds travelling abroad for a well-earned break each year. For many the only way to holiday is to go all-inclusive. From endless food and drink, to hotels with kids' clubs and water parks going all-inclusive is supposed to be all about a hassle-free guarantee of fun in the sun. But for some, going all-inclusive is anything but relaxing. In this one hour special we meet the unlucky holidaymakers whose holidays went horribly wrong. Jan Ravens narrates. There are first-hand interviews with the real-life people whose all-inclusive holidays ended in disaster. Highlights include nurse, Julia Vaughan who shelled out over £5,5000 for a relaxing break in Crete for her and her family, only to be confronted by a giant construction site next to their hotel. With work going on from morning until night the family were bombarded by dust and constant construction noise. Brother and sister, Alan Taylor and Annie Barber were expecting the trip of a lifetime when they booked to go on a cruise along the Panama Canal. They reveal how it was anything but that as the ship underwent a major rehaul while they sailed. While Shiyun Huang and her partner Christopher tell us how the resort they'd booked in Corfu turned out to be nothing like in the brochure, as they were confronted with dirty rooms, an infestation and a giant rubbish dump. Plus, the McCullock family recall the horror of being on holiday in Turkey when Thomas Cook went bust. Demands of money from the hotel and threats of being kicked out of their room left them fearing they'd be stuck abroad with nowhere to stay. Expert interviews include travel presenters Sabrina Chakici and Scarlette Douglas, travel journalists Lisa Minot and Cathy Adams, plus Travel Risk Expert Lloyd Figgins.

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When All Inclusive Holidays… Go Horribly Wrong
Season 1