My Extreme OCD Life

SN 1 | EP 9 | When Mum Becomes Dad and Son Becomes Daughter

This film follows the lives of three extraordinary young people as they come to terms with their own unique transgender journeys. We reveal the emotional evolving parent child relationships, shifting family dynamics and the many challenges on the road to becoming who they really are. More than half a million people in Britain don't identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. 19 year old Kate is at the beginning of her transition journey- she grew up as Callum, but knew from her early teens that she was really female; 18 year old student Immy was just 11 when her then Mum revealed he needed to transition to male; and 20 year old Felix is recovering from surgery to remove his breasts as part of his transition journey.

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My Extreme OCD Life
Season 1