1000-lb Sisters

SN 1 | EP 6 | Under the Knife

After Tammy has her final weigh-in at Dr. Procter's office and finds out that she hasn't met her goal, she lashes out at Amy and shuts down when they head back to their hotel. The next day, Tammy seeks support from her online love interest Jerry, who she hopes will come to visit her while she's in Atlanta because it's closer to where he lives. Finally, it's time for Amy's surgery. A terrified Amy says goodbye to Tammy and heads to the hospital. Amy struggles to recover from surgery because of her strong addiction to food, putting herself in danger by eating solids before her stomach has healed. Dr. Procter warns her of the potentially fatal consequences of her actions and worries about how she'll cope after the family heads back to Kentucky. Two months later, Tammy holds a party to show off the changes she and Amy have made to their family and friends. Their mother, Darlene, is shocked by Amy's impressive weight loss and Tammy's big moves toward independence.

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1000-lb Sisters
Season 1