Say Yes to the Dress America

SN 1 | EP 8 | The Client Is Randy Fenoli!

With the big wedding only 3 weeks away, Randy heads north to the Great Lakes to surprise Lacy and let her know she'll be representing Michigan. This makeup artist thinks she'll be getting another bride ready for her wedding day, but instead Randy is there waiting to deliver the big surprise. Lacy gives Randy a surprise of her own when she invites him to kayak with her out on Lake Michigan! Back in New York, America's bridesmaid Hayley Paige is feeling the pressure to provide veils for all the brides in just 3 weeks. Will she be able to give them enough options to make everyone happy? A few weeks later, Lacy has arrived in New York but Michigan isn't far from her mind as she hopes to find a dress with apple blossoms to represent her state. She's been dress shopping before and hasn't been wowed, but she's determined to find a dress that she loves today. The first option is a Randy Fenoli fit and flare with an overskirt and to Lacy's surprise, she likes it but isn't in love. Lacy isn't wowed by option 2, a Randy Fenoli A-line with lots of sparkle and begins to worry that she'll have to settle on her only day to find her dress. Randy isn't going to let that happen and pulls a ballgown with three dimensional lace that he thinks resembles apple blossoms. On first glance, Lacy knows it's the one and her entourage agrees. With unexpected tears in her eyes, Lacy says yes and is eagerly awaiting walking down the stairs in Central Park with her fiancé Miles. Katie has come to Kleinfeld with her outspoken family to find her dream dress. The only problem is, she's already said yes to a dress somewhere else! Now she's having second thoughts and can't fully commit until she tries on a Randy Fenoli gown. Consultant Mindy gets her right into a Randy Fenoli A-line dress with bold lace details and Katie loves it, but her mom thinks it has the shape of a Christmas tree. Confused, Katie requests to try on the Maggie Sottero dress she has already said yes to so she can compare and immediately her family wonders why they liked this dress at all. Katie shocks everyone by requesting to try on an Eve of Milady dress that she and her aunt have been eyeing online but once Randy tells her it's almost double her and her aunt's $2,500 budget, Katie is crestfallen. She wants to try it on anyway and to no one's surprise, she loves it and so does her family. Katie breaks the news that it's over budget and her mom gives in and throws the budget aside so Katie can have her dream dress. Finally, Katie experiences that bridal moment and says yes! Nine months later, Katie and her fiancé Larry exchange vows in front of friends, family and all of the animals at the Palm Beach Zoo in Florida.

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Say Yes to the Dress America
Season 1