Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers

SN 3 | EP 5 | They Shoot Dogs Don't They?

The Rangers receive a postcard from Canina LaFur, star of stage, screen, and an occasional dog food commercial, who believes someone is out to get her. The Rangers set out for the country of Taxidermia, a land that allows any type of hunting year round, where Canina is doing a location shoot. They discover Zsa Zsa Labrador, Canina's stand-in, is trying to do her in so Zsa Zsa can claim the Lassie Award for best dog food commercial. Another threat to Canina is Wild Bill, the world's best hunter, who is trying to make her into a lovely mantelpiece. The Rangers are able to undermine both Wild Bill's and Zsa Zsa's plans so Canina can finally accept the award she deserves.

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Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers