Valley of the Damned

SN 1 | EP 6 | The Trial of Robert Dodd

In August 2006, 17-year old Candace Hiltz is brutally murdered in her home and the lead detective assigned to the case is Robert Dodd. The police's attention immediately settles on Candace's reclusive brother Jimmy, but law enforcement can't find evidence to prove he committed the crime - so the investigation stalls and nobody is charged. Dolores Candace and Jimmy's mother is left with a litany of unanswered questions after the unsolved murder of her daughter. The case goes cold until ten years later when evidence related to Candace's murder is found in a storage unit rented by Robert Dodd, the lead detective on Candace's case. He's charged with misconduct and put on trial in Summer 2018. In this webisode an exclusive interview with Dodd sheds light on his mindset as he faces trial and the prospect of a jail sentence while Candace's family nervously wait for answers about the murder of their daughter.

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Valley of the Damned
Season 1