Trading Spaces

SN 9 | EP 8 | You Can't Handle Chartreuse

When a homeowner is also a Trading Spaces Super fan, there is sure to be a lot of shock, surprises, laughter and tears! Kim and Matt are good friends with their next-door neighbors Shellie and Carlik. With all the fun times they've shared together already, Super fan Kim just knew she and Shellie had to add Trading Spaces to their neighborhood memories. Shellie and Carlik have high hopes for their high-ceilinged living room it's been more walked thru, than lived-in. Kim and Matt have a dysfunctional dining room table in a soccer field-sized front room that has a lot of space and makes very little sense. Designer Kahi embraces her first Trading Spaces episode by combining unique crafts projects with chic décor and elegant pops of color. No one welcomes a Trading Spaces challenge with more experience and determination than legacy Designer Doug, who puts the fun in functional as he fills his large space with creative design elements.

Available: TLC GO

Trading Spaces
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