Trading Spaces

SN 10 | EP 6 | Back to School

For the first time ever, Trading Spaces heads back to school to transform two teachers' lounges! Designers Vern Yip and Carter Oosterhouse, Carpenters Brett Tutor and Joanie Sprague and Host Paige Davis teach some deserving school staff unforgettable Trading Spaces lessons. Holly Avenue Elementary School and First Avenue Middle School are neighbors in Arcadia, California. And while their teachers are used to giving their students their all, it's about time the staff received something back as well! Vern's school project is to turn an overcrowded under-decorated lounge into a fully functional space with enough seating for the entire teaching staff to have lunch, meetings and enjoy their common space. Carter's homework is to make a boring basement lounge into an aesthetically pleasing area all the educators can enjoy. Also, for this episode, each Designer gets a teacher's bonus of $1000 extra so Vern and Carter have a budget of $3000 each for their teachers' lounges! Who will pass with flying colors and be teacher's pet? No matter what, everyone gets an A+ for effort on this very special Trading Spaces: Back to School edition!

Available: TLC GO

Trading Spaces