Police Women

SN 6 | EP 13 | This Too Shall Pass

Detective Andrea Penoyer proves to a suspected drug dealer that there's no place she won't look for hidden drugs, even in his girlfriend's bra. Then, when an out-of-state vehicle refuses to stop in a high crime area, Andrea's suspicians are confirmed after she discovers pills and a needle inside the car. And later, things get hairy when a college student tries to sell marijuana on Andrea's watch. Deputy Shelunda Cooper pays an unexpected visit to a 16-year-old girl who is wanted for skipping out on a court appearance. It's a sad arrest for Shelunda when she learns that the girl is also a habitual runaway, truant - and pregnant. Deputy Erika Huerta provides back-up when a stolen car and its suspected thief are spotted outside a local business. When questioned, the man insists that he was only borrowing the vehicle from his local pastor - for about 3 months. Detective Julie Bower is on the case when a hotel maintenance man is spit in the face and stabbed in the back. But the story takes a twist when the alleged assailants turn out to be a young man and his girlfriend.

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Police Women