The Grill Dads

SN 1 | EP 10 | Over-the-Top Comfort

The Grill Dads find out that outrageous food is more fun when it's a mash-up. First, they visit The Doughnut Lounge in Kansas City, Mo., where they whip up homemade doughnuts and pair them with crispy burnt ends from in-house smoked brisket to create a sweet and savory dessert that's too unique to miss. Then the Dads visit Albuquerque, N.M., to fry up a pastry called a Sopapilla that's stuffed with spicy beef and pork ribs. Finally, the Dads travel to Denver, Colo., to make a gorgeous pizza topped with the flavors of chicken parmesan.

Available: Food Network

The Grill Dads
Season 1