Strange Evidence

SN 3 | EP 10 | Curse of Poltergeist Hill

REAL TERMINATOR: A security camera in an apartment complex catches the moment a naked berserker runs into the back of a parked car, smashing a window with his face. He should be unconscious but he gets back up, seemingly uninjured, and jumps onto the trunk of a woman's car as she flees in terror. He's thrown from the moving vehicle before getting up again and running off into the night. Experts consider if he could be cybernetically enhanced, the victim of a body hack, or is his behavior the result of a brain parasite spread by pet cats? SIBERIAN STAR WARS: When multiple on-car dash cams capture an ominous orb in the sky above Omsk, it appears to shoot a beam at a smaller disk, which then evaporates. Experts consider if this could be evidence of some secret Russian weapons program. With America announcing a space force, its rivals must also look to the skies or face being left behind. A planetary scientist explores the possibility that what we are witnessing could be a rocket launch. Further image analysis leads to a terrifying discovery: whatever it is, it isn't heading up, but from outside the atmosphere back towards Earth. POLTERGEIST HILL: A car in a Detroit cemetery rolls backwards up a hill. Further investigation of the footage reveals a ghostly voice whispering a woman's name. A journalist suggests that this mysterious occurrence could be the result of psychokinesis: the ability to move objects that poltergeists are reported to possess. A planetary scientist mentions that a recent NASA mission has proved gravity isn't constant across the globe. Another expert suggests that the source of this gravitational abnormality could be a microscopic black hole, but a theoretical physicist thinks that is more likely that the source of the mystery could come from inside the man himself. GLOWING GHOUL: An unexplained glowing creature floats next to the Pan American Highway, briefly caught on a cameraphone before escaping back into the night. Biologists explore the possibility that this is some sort of bioluminescent animal, if so could that light be a lure? And what is it hunting? A physicist suggest that this might be some sort of reflective robot or drone designed to mimic nature. If so, the repercussions could be terrifying. DEVIL SEA: Tourists on a boat film a strange light in turbulent skies. And then: an explosion. Scientists suggest that this be the result of methane bubbling up from the seabed, disturbing the boat's buoyancy. A journalist recalls a recent report of Russian mole bombs, seeded just off the American coast. These are designed to create tsunamis and wipe out coastal cities. A planetary scientist thinks the location of the clip itself could be the key to the solution.

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Strange Evidence