Strange Evidence

SN 3 | EP 9 | It Came From the Fog

FIRE FOG: A police officer's car stalls in the dead of night, a mysterious cloud creeps towards him, and then, a massive explosion turns night into day. A retired colonel suspects it could be a napalm attack on American soil. An explosives engineer designs an experiment to see if he can re-create the same type of explosion. Examining the footage leads one chemist to consider if the mist, the stalling car, and the explosion could all be linked to one terrifying cause. STORM FINGERS: A winter walk on a frozen lake with a sinister reputation takes an ominous turn when sparks fire-out from one local's fingers. A physicist considers if this could be the first proof of a reported phenomenon called sliders: humans whose bodies exhibit unusual electromagnetic fields causing havoc around them. An experiment is set up to determine if the man could be channeling electricity in the air surrounding him. If so, he could be in mortal danger. EARTHQUAKE ENTITY: Cameras capture a shapeless horror washed up on a Philippines beach. Locals fear it is a terrifying portent of impending disaster. Scientists have never seen anything of its size and shape before, and try to work out what this blob could be. They consider if this could be an undiscovered species brought ashore by seismic activity, the body of a land animal washed thousands of miles on ocean currents, or something even stranger. COLLAPSING CAMPSITE: A tourist's dash-camera records the moment a deadly abyss opens up in Australia, swallowing a campsite whole as people flee in terror. Scientists race to unravel what might be to blame. An environmental expert explores the possibility of sinkholes, the unpredictable phenomena that's behind so many collapses worldwide. An environmental engineer suggests that this could be one of the deadliest substances under our feet: quick clay. A geologist sets up an experiment to test her own hypothesis, if she's right then thousands of people are in danger. PHANTOM BIKE: A traffic surveillance camera records the busy midnight streets of Calcutta when a rider-less bike drives calmly through an intersection. Experts discuss whether this could be a possessed vehicle, or a new type of non-human intelligence, one designed to make decisions over life and death. A physicist suggests a different solution, but it can't explain everything we see in the footage.

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Strange Evidence
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