Murder by Numbers

SN 2 | EP 8 | Rampage

In August of 2004, a series of murders in California bear eerie similarities, but police in three counties have trouble connecting them that is until unique ballistics, mysterious surveillance, and a bloody cell phone lead investigators to an unlikely woman, and her deadly connections to the victims. It all starts when friends checking on Scott Fisher find him shot to death inside his home. The best clue police have to go on is a .38 caliber slug left at the scene, but there's no murder weapon to be found. Detectives do find Scott's abandoned car, but other than a missing stereo, the killer left no trace. Given the brutality of the scene and the fact that Scott was found murdered inside his own bedroom, police work on a hunch this was more than a random robbery. Tips lead police back to one of the women who found Scott's body, an ex-girlfriend named Kathy and she quickly becomes the prime suspect. But weeks pass, and there's no evidence to prove that Scott Fisher was murdered by his ex. That's when another man is discovered on the side of a highway, just 25 miles away. The man is identified as Clayton McCobb. He has also been executed with what appears to be the same .38 revolver, and his vehicle is found abandoned at a different location very close to where Scott Fisher's ex lives. Scrambling to find any other connection between the murders, police track down Clayton McCobb's bank records. That's when they discover surveillance footage of a mystery woman using McCobb's bank card. The footage is grainy, but the woman doesn't appear to be Scott Fisher's ex, Kathy. But before they can close in on the mystery woman, there's a call from a neighborhood watch group 25 miles away. A third man, Kareem Radwan, is found in the woods, shot with a .38 revolver his vehicle abandoned in a separate location. Investigators now believe the cases have to be connected, but how? They scour Radwan's car and interview his friends, but no leads turn up. No one can identify the mystery woman in the surveillance video until a witness comes forward, bearing a bloody cell phone that belongs to Radwan. Not only does she know the woman in the surveillance video, she also knows Scott Fisher and his ex, Kathy! As the pieces of the puzzle come together, police identify not one but three criminals on a self-proclaimed revenge spree. And as they turn on one another, one man emerges as a dangerous killer.

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Murder by Numbers