She's in Charge

SN 2 | EP 8 | Kitchen Disaster

Veronica "Pooh" Nash Poleate takes on her toughest cases yet. First, Pooh helps a trio of sisters, Danielle, Jessica, and Brittany. They've called out to Pooh because their roommate Kelsey is a complete disaster in the kitchen and has no clue. Can Pooh save this kitchen catastrophe before it ruins a friendship. At home, after waiting 8 months for her mechanic husband to fix her car, Pooh's finally decided to take matters into own hands by hiring another mechanic to look under her hood. How will Eugene react, and, will her car finally get fixed? Later on, Penny, a 62-year old barista, is ready to retire and travel the country with her husband, James. The problem: she has to keep working because he won't stop spending all of their money. Penny is hoping Pooh can put an end to James selfish ways and get them back on the path to retirement.

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She's in Charge