Impossible Engineering

SN 5 | EP 3 | US Army's Super Tank

The Abrams Tank is the US Army's biggest land combat vehicle. Known as the Beast, it weighs as much as a herd of 20 elephants, and yet, this 70-ton monster is turbo-powered to reach speeds of 45 MPH, carrying a crew of four into some of the most dangerous hostile environments in the world. With incredible access to the factory that builds these amazing machines, as well as the testing ground where they're put through their paces, we find out just how you go about building one of the most advanced tanks in the world. We also turn back the clocks to discover the trailblazing pioneers that helped the modern-day engineers make the impossible possible. Our experts take a ride in the first ever production tank built for World War I; find out how a helicopter engine transformed the way tanks are powered; and team up with a high-explosives crew who are putting armor to the test.

Available: Science GO

Impossible Engineering
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