Untold Stories of the E.R.

SN 15 | EP 4 | Law and Disorder

During a heat wave, EMS come into Nurse Terry Foster's ER with a young man named Andre, who's suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to the face. When the team removes the dressing, they're shocked to see that Andre's nose is completely gone. After suctioning blood and examining the injury, Terry and the attending physician try to make sense of it. There's no sign of the bullet, and the wound is unusually clean. Andre's brother Orin arrives in the waiting room, desperate to see Andre but before they allow him in, an incoherent Andre begins exclaiming that Orin's going to kill him. Are they all in danger? With police at his side, Nurse Foster approaches Orin to ask him what happened. He didn't witness the shooting, but he heard the shot, rushed to Andre's side and found him lying on the floor in front of a broken window. It sounds like a drive-by shooting, but the bullet wound is unlike any Terry or the doctor has ever seen. The mystery is solved when police arrive with a crucial piece of evidence: a heavy old window fan that was knocked outside when Andre fell into it face-first. There was no shooting at all. The window had slammed shut with a loud bang, shattering the glass. Andre's nose is still stuck to one of the fan blades, and amazingly, the doctor is able to re-attach it. 17-year-old Kaitlyn Dobrow thought she had the flu when she came into the ER of Dr. David Meyers. Her vital signs are abnormal, and she has unexplained bruises on her limbs and face. Dr. Meyers' initial concern proves out when Kaitlyn's condition begins to deteriorate rapidly, and within hours, she's covered with bruises. A lumbar puncture confirms Dr. Meyers' worst fear: she has the most dangerous kind of meningitis a form of the disease that has a 90 percent mortality rate. As her condition continues to descend, Kaitlyn is intubated and eventually transported to a burn ICU for specialized treatment. Dr. Meyers has no reason to believe she'll live, but he later learns that she did indeed survive after losing all four limbs by amputation. Nonetheless, Kaitlyn has come through the ordeal with a bright spirit and has become an inspiration to millions of followers on her streaming web channel. Five years later, Dr. Meyers is overjoyed when a grinning Kaitlyn comes walking into the hospital on prosthetic legs to thank him for saving her life. On an overnight shift in his small ER, Dr. Peter Riga is confronted with an apparently intoxicated college student. Alex was unconscious in the basement when his father discovered him. When blood tests reveal an alcohol level of zero, Dr. Riga suspects that Alex may have actually poisoned himself, and finally gets him to admit that he has ingested anti-freeze in an effort to end his life. With no time to spare, Dr. Riga tries to get the specialists and antidote he'll need to save Alex's life, but neither is available and then he's interrupted by another emergency. A young man has walked in with a lethal snakebite, and has brought the venomous Coral Snake that bit him in a household jar. The man refuses treatment despite Dr. Riga's warnings, and leaves. Meanwhile, Dr. Riga comes up with an unusual workaround for the missing antidote: booze, which will have the same mitigating effect, and he's able to get his hands on a bottle of vodka. He administers the alcohol, and then must insert a dialysis catheter and perform dialysis without the help of the usual specialists. In the midst of this challenging endeavor, the snakebite victim returns to claim his snake, and when he's refused, a police officer threatens to arrest Dr. Riga. He persuades her to let him treat Alex first, and before long, the snakebite victim collapses, unconscious. Dr. Riga manages to save the lives of both patients, and in the end is confronted one last time by the police officer this time to thank him for his efforts.

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Untold Stories of the E.R.