League of Super Evil

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S3 | E13 | Airdate: 08/25/2012
In an attempt to whip his minions into shape, Voltar decides to sign LOSE up with Metrotown's premier super gym, the Sweatorium. The gym is run by Seymour Sweat, who is one barbell short of a set and determined to whip these wet noodles into shape. After a gruelling five minutes of working out Frogg, Voltar, and Doomageddon are floored. Red however is having the time of his life. Now it looks like LOSE are going to get a full workout - trying to escape the dreaded Sweatorium. / At long last the answer to the great question will be answered. How did the League of Super Evil meet? Red Menace tells us the story of his first day at Super Hero Kiddie College - that's right: super HERO Kiddie College! Witness the downward spiral as Voltar recruits a twitchy Frogg, a puppy Doomageddon and loyal Red Menace to forge the greatest force for evil the world has ever seen: the League of Super Evil!