Driving While Black

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2015 | 94 min | NOT-RATED
Driving While Black is half comedy of errors and half hard-bitten realism, tucked into a sly treatise on 21st-century over-policing. Based on a true story, this award-winning film is authentic and darkly funny - a shining example of contemporary independent filmmaking. Dimitri is a pizza guy who would rather smoke weed and suffer for his art, but his girl won't stop nagging him to get a real job. When he's offered a gig cracking his jokes as a Hollywood tour bus driver, it looks like everyone might get what they want. The problem is, our man can't seem to walk out of the door without getting hassled by the cops - LAPD everywhere. Dimitri's skill at navigating the cops is honed by painful experiences growing up as a black kid in L.A., but even his keen survival instincts might not save him from the week from hell.