The Script of Life

2020 | NOT-RATED
Lana has always been a quiet, hardworking employee at Brad Price Advertising. When Mia Boyce joins the firm, she finds her world turning upside down. Overlooked and under appreciated, Lana and her two best friends, Kym and Dave, work together to get their professional lives back on track after Mia gets nominated for Advertising's Woman of the Year. Lana and Sam's lives begin to merge after they match on 'Love Kicko', the hit new dating app. Instant attraction versus awkward first dates, countless misunderstandings and cultural collision. When the lead actor for Brad Price Advertising's newest Super Cho Chockette campaign falls ill, will Sam save the day? Meanwhile, Kym reflects on her life choices and tries to pause her biological clock. When Valentine's Day arrives she seizes the opportunity to give Brad Price a Valentine's Day card with a cryptic message inside. But will he be able to decode her message and reciprocate her feelings? Or will she end up having a baby all on her own?