Aaron Needs a Job

S1 | E7 | Airdate: 09/09/2019
Aaron moves the Aaron Needs a Job crew through an adventure in the world of extreme transportation, exploring the world of working as an aerial tramway technician in Palm Springs, CA. Aaron meets the maintenance and repair staff of the Palm Springs aerial tramway, a cable car system that ferries 600,000 people per year from the searing desert floor to the cooler alpine environs of San Jacinto state park. Aaron tours the facility, getting an inside look at the control room that guides the movement of the two tram cars, and goes deep into the heart of the operation to take a look at the electric motor (and its two backup systems) that power everything. Later, the technicians task him with refurbishing one of the wheels, called sheaves, along which the tram lines move. Once done, they climb atop a tram car and head up the canyon, where Aaron must rush against the clock to replace all the sheaves within an hour before the tramway opens to the public. With the valley floor laid out below, Aaron and the technicians marvel at both the perilous, high flying demands of this fascinating job, and the stunning beauty of the view. Then, Aaron floats into another fascinating adventure, heading to Terre Haute Indiana to explore the hovercraft industry. Neoteric, the small producer of search and rescue and personal recreational hovercrafts invites Aaron into the shop for a tour, where CEO Chris Fitzgerald shows him the unique Hovertrek model, the only small craft on the market with thrust bucket technology that allows the craft to move in reverse. Then, Aaron helps build a brand new hovercraft, affixing the body of a new craft to a hull and placing a 2000 pound weight on it to fix it in place. Finally, Aaron takes one of the hovercraft out for a spin - a spin which takes a turn into dangerous terrain.. Finally, Aaron carves out a little time to visit a very unusual garage where the cars are made from wood. He's given a tour by Isaac Cohen, the artist and engineer behind a number of beautiful vehicles made from walnut and ash wood. Cohen shares his passion for the solidly constructed vehicles, telling Aaron of the many offers of millions of dollars he's turned down for the creations he loves. The tour of the garage complete, Cohen takes Aaron to the road for a very rickety road trip.