The Courtship Of Eddie's Father
S3 | E23 | Airdate: 03/01/1972
Tom hires a telephone answering service and gets more than he bargained for in Annie, the backbone of Landon's Listen-In. When Eddie catches a cold and gives it to Mrs. Livingston, Annie takes it upon herself to care for Eddie in Mrs. Livingston's absence and has her calls transferred to the Corbett apartment. Tom arrives to find his home a Landon's Listen-In annex with Annie answering a constantly jangling phone and dog-sitting an actor client's St. Bernard. Annie insists on fixing dinner and then falls asleep on the couch after drinking too much wine. The next morning, Annie's co-workers, Kathy and Jeff, arrive in a panic because Annie is supposed to be catering a party that morning. Next, Mr. Landon appears and accuses Tom of "hanky-panky" with his star worker. In the end, all is set right but Tom cancels his answering service, explaining it's good training for Eddie to answer the phone himself.