Support Your Local Gunfighter

1971 | 91 min | NOT-RATED
In this follow-up film to SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF!, James Garner portrays a con artist who runs off with bride-to-be Marie Windsor to the small Western town of Purgatory where the good citizens mistake him for famous gunslinger Chuck Connors. Garner is actually delighted with the mistake and decides to take the town for everything he can get! Also on hand is Garner's sidekick, dim-witted Jack Elam, and a love interest, tomboyish Suzanne Pleshette, whose ambition is to start a ladies finishing school. But when genuine-gunslinger Connors arrives in town and challenges Garner, Garner remarks, "I'm slow...but you're slower." We will never know...Connors shoots himself in the foot.