Ocean Warriors

Animal Planet GO
S1 | E6 | Airdate: 12/18/2016
As the poaching ship the Thunder is about to sink at the hands of its own captain, a team of Sea Shepherds boards the vessel, racing to collect evidence of illegal fishing before the ship goes down. They return with evidence in this episode. Capt Sid Chakravarty prepares to bring the Thunder's confused and agitated crew and angry captain aboard the Sam Simon. The Sea Shepherds celebrate the end of their historic mission, chasing the Thunder across three oceans and 10,000 miles. In the Sea of Cortez, the Sea Shepherd crew of aboard the Farley Mowat is confronted by local fishermen during a dangerous nighttime patrol and decide to call off the mission. Instead they try using drones to track the late night activities of the poachers. The infrared footage reveals illegal activities and Capt Oona and her team return during the day and attempt to rescue a several sharks and large whale. They return in the daytime to remove the nets and free several sharks and rescue a whale. The scene is grimmer in Indonesia, where journalist Jim Wickens continues to investigate tragic and widespread human trafficking in the illegal fishing industry. As he interviews one such fisherman, he learns how many of those trafficked are lured from Myanmar as young men, expecting to earn money to help their families. A dramatic pursuit leads to the destruction of three boats, and the horrific discovery of fish treated with the cancer-causing preservative formaldehyde.